Do you pay the levy?

Have you recently become an ‘employer apprenticeship provider’?

Are you waiting for your first Ofsted monitoring visit?


Here are some things that Ofsted are focusing on that you need to consider:

  1. Governance – are senior leaders driving improvements? Are they providing sufficient challenge to staff and ensuring high aspirations for their apprentices?


  1. Safeguarding – are there clear processes in place for staff and apprentices to feedback safeguarding concerns? Are staff and apprentices aware of safeguarding and PREVENT polices and reporting procedures?


  1. Data – do you know target grades for apprentices, retention, attendance and punctuality data? Are there significant differences in recruitment and success of apprentices depending on gender or BAME? Have you recorded 20% off the job learning?


  1. Progress – how much progress have you made as a new provider? You will not be expected to have everything perfect but you will need to be aware of what your strengths are and what you need to do to improve!


Best for Training are working with many employer providers to help them prepare for their monitoring visits. Mock inspections help employer providers to recognise what they are doing well and where they need to improve. Best for Training consultants are critical friends; working together and helping employer providers to focus on their Quality Improvement Plans and putting effective measures in place to ensure success.

All Best for Training consultants  have previously been Ofsted inspectors and have vast experience in successfully leading apprenticeship provision.

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